God’s Goodness in times of Trouble

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My friend, have you ever experienced God’s goodness in times of trouble?

I recently did. I saw how God provided abundantly for a family that was in a crisis. People just started providing meals, clothes, words of comfort. You know what was the best thing of all? I was there. I saw at first hand how the Lord moved random people (strangers) to help out. The most awesome thing is that we didn’t even have to ask people to help. Help just poured in from different places.  I watched as the Lord took care of this woman as her husband faced a life and death situation.

I invite you to experience God’s goodness too! But please don’t wait for times of trouble. The Lord is Good! And the same God who helped this family is the same God who is calling you to experience a life with abundant goodness, His presence in your own life.

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