Come to Me

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We have a few chickens at our house and one day when I was watering a tree I noticed it had a quite few bugs.

Immediately, I thought of what a special treat it would be for the chickens!

I called out to them and as they were coming towards me a strong wind came causing what I call a “mini tornado”.

The poor chickens were caught right in the middle of it and were unable to keep steady, their feathers were shaking, and they were terrified!

I said, “Oh my goodness, they are never going to trust me again” thinking that I caused this.

After the “mini tornado” left the chickens ran away from me and took cover.

My dear friend sometimes we may find ourselves in a similar situation caught in the middle of a storm.

We may become afraid, unsteady, and uncertain of what will happen.

But where do you go? Who can you trust?

You have a loving Father that is calling out to you. He said come to me…I will give you rest. He is a shelter, a protector in all circumstances.

Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Mathew 11:28