Jerry Nelson Concert

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Jerry Nelson Concert

Sunday, July 22 at 6pm
At Rosemont Baptist Church
1598 E Niagara Montrose, CO
(A free will offering will be received)

Jerry Nelson will be appearing in concert where his Pianistic artistry and vocal talents will do more than just entertain and inspire.  His music is geared for multi-generations in a fast-changing world, featuring styles from Jazz and Celtic to Classical, Gospel and Traditional.

Plan to be surprised.  This is not your “typical” piano concert.  A tasteful blend of solos, touches of humor, audience participation and sharing a wealth of life experiences is further enhanced by a continuous stream of professional video keeping the senses totally engaged.

More than a musician, Jerry is an innovator, introducing the world to the concept of “Sing-along” or “Karaoke” Performance tracks.  He is now  making available to Pianists, Instrumentalists and Vocalists, the best of his 5,000+ arrangements through Website JerryNelsonMusic.com. Jerry’s career as a Composer, Conductor, Arranger, Recording Artist and Concert Performer, have taken him to all continents.   Don’t miss out on an experience that you  and your friends will be talking about for weeks.